Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shepard Fairey's Hope Poster

I believe that the poster is within the guidelines of the fair use copyright law. The poster is and should be considered an original work of Fairey's because of the dramatic change. You could not mistake the news photography of Obama for the artistic rendering of Obama. The only recognizable similarity between the two pieces is the position and tilt of Obama's head.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Reaction to TED Copyright Talk

The line between copyright infringement and creating a new expression or a new work entirely is a thin one, as Larry Lessig describes it. I have to agree with his statement. With the world becoming more and more mainstream and instant everyday, there becomes newer and further advanced tools to aid in the editing and reworking of various forms of digital media. If someone takes a song and places it with a different scenario, should they be punished? If someone takes photographs and edits them to mean something new, should they have to take them off the internet? I think that as long as the work is made into something new, something that the "artist" could call their own, the work becomes their expression. But, placing a video on Youtube and selling copies of the work are different circumstances. I don't think it is okay for corporations to make money off of simply edited pieces. But on the other hand, the rules of the sites that the "artists" place their work, have lines about the usage of the material found on the site.

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